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Post for flowers n cages

Post for flowers n cages

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(Spike's first kill after getting rid of the chip)

Arm in arm we make our way out of the mansion and into the night. I knew as soon as I felt the first drop of fresh blood in my mouth I would start to return to my old self. Being able to kill without that bloody chip going off in my head.

I glance around looking at all these pathetic humans. One of them will be my meal tonight. Just then she stops “What’s wrong kitten?”

"Feel...power...innocence...That's her there. Will she please you sire? Your night my dear Sire, this is your party. Take your pick."

I look up to see the girl Tara is talking about. “Mmm yes” I lick my lips as I can just imagine the sweet crimson blood making its way down my throat.

Slowly I begin to walk up to the girl. She glances at me and starts to blush. How cute she thinks she might get a date. “’ello luv” I say in a soft comforting voice. “Can’t imagine why a girl like you would be out on a night like tonight” She continued to smile at me as she answered;

“I…I don’t know”

I wish she would whip that bloody smile off her face. The stupid bint starting to make me feel all bad. Too much of the slayer rubbed off on me. None the less I was gonna kill the girl.

“Why don’t you let me walk you home” she nodded and gave me this huge smile. Again with the bloody smile. That’s it no more playing Mr. Nice guy. “Or better yet..” Quickly I push her against a tree pressing my body on top of hers. Turning my head to the side I change into my demonic face. The girl screamed with terror as yellow eyes stared her in the face. “How bout it luv. I just gave you a purpose.”

I could smell the fear coming off of her. So scared so weak. I loved it. I haven’t felt this great in ages. I felt like I was back on my first hunt. I run my slender digits along her neck. Her skin felt so soft and warm. I could feel her heart racing from fear. “Lets test this out luv” I give her a fake smile right before I burry my face in her neck. My fangs began to dig though her layers of skin bringing me closer and closer to my goal.

I felt no pain at all only the warmth of her blood flowing down my throat. She continued to shake until her heart got faint. Her body began to fall limp as I drained every last drop of blood from her. Pushing her lifeless body to the ground I turn to face Tara.

“Now that was entertainment.” My old self was back. I felt so alive again. Running my tongue along my lips I move in closer to Tara. I was moving like a lion staking its prey.
  • hi

    I am Lindsey
    my friend love you so much to?
    Lindsey she say I love you so much all my haert to and I was
    dearm of you spike.
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