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Didn’t like that Eve too much, crazy bint went on trying to tempt us. Thinking she had some power over us. Ok maybe she did. Managed to bring us back somehow, or at least those she worked for. So there she was tempting us, only without the apple but bloody acted like it. Tempted me by saying I could sink my teeth into Tara, taste her sweet warm blood. Well, first things first, Tara was a bloody ghost. No warm blood up in there. And even if there was I wouldn’t want it, although the sound of blood is good especially to a vampire who hasn’t had fresh human blood in so long. But that wasn’t me anymore, I changed. I changed for her, the bloody slayer. Well, after that magic mojo Willow worked Buffy wasn’t the slayer anymore just one of many slayers. Yet still to me she was the one always would be the one to me. No other slayer could take that away from her. Besides its her they have to thank for there power. Without her they would just be normal girls living out there lives, maybe one or two of them would eventually be a slayer but the all the thousands of others would just be normal girls never knowing the power that could’ve came.

So I go though all this change for the bloody slayer, for the good fight. Get a bleeding soul, become a champion and then go down fighting the good fight, all for this? To be brought back by evil incorporated to become evil again? Something didn’t seem right, ok something wasn’t bloody right. Hopefully the Buffy would hear word of this somehow and come to our rescue. Not that we needed her to come to our rescue, sure we could figure something out ourselves. Besides I’m a bleeding ghost, not that I need to listen to some evil bint.

Anya did this whole disappearing act, figure I should try the same. We were all brought back the same weren’t we? So off I go, next thing I know I’m in some hall with all these men dressed in fancy suits. And who would’ve imagined, evil within some of the highest ranks. Well, actually I could always picture that, never know who you can trust these days. All the pathetic people out in the world believing and trusting in these people dressed in their snazzy suits appearing to be professional when evil was at their roots.

It was strange none of the people seemed to notice me, I guess there was some kind of trick to this. Either that or that Eve person had some special abilities to see us. But with most of ghost they have the ability to be seen or not to be seen. Must admit I could have some fun with this.

Just then Tara appeared next to me. “Look who cared to join me. Guess, you heard enough of that bint also?” I cocked my head to the side. Must admit it was nice having someone else here with me right now, only knows where Anya ran off to. “How you holding up being a ghost kitten?” I asked the girl. She seemed a bit scared, at least more then Anya or I. Us two have seen a few things in our day but Tara was new to this. Well, some of this, she was a bloody witch after all. Even bet she was in heaven before this place. The girl didn’t seem to have an ounce of evil in her, that’s why I don’t bloody get their reasons for brining her back. Sure Anya and I each had our dark history but Tara, what dark history could this witch possibly have? Could she even be evil?
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