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I couldn’t bloody believe, there she was in my arms bleeding to death, her last breath was going to come soon unless I did something and something fast. It was only but a few minutes ago that I was minding my damn business when I heard the sound. That’s right, was in the basement of Summer’s house and I heard what sounded like a gun shot. At first I didn’t think too much of it, ok I lied, so I thought much of it. But didn’t do much not until I caught the familiar scent of blood travelling throughout the house. Which of course couldn’t be good. First I got all worried that it could’ve been her, could’ve been Buffy. Already lost her once to the jaws of death couldn’t bear to see her again. Ok so maybe I was a sucker for the slayer, what can I say man’s gotta have his pleasure somehow. ‘sides it was that bleedin’ chip that made me go all soft, yep that was it. I was bad to the bone still was and always will be. Just so happens the slayer likes a little bad up in her.

I made my way closer towards the scent which I realized not to much later that it wasn’t the slayers. Nope, I could smell her scent from a mile away. It was someone else’s which might I say I could tell this was some powerful blood. Makes perfect sense once I found the blond witch laying on the floor covered in blood. Got all that magic up in her making her powerful. I could still smell Red’s scent, it was fresh from a minute or two ago. Stupid bint, leaving her girl here to die. Probably thought she was already dead. Guess I don’t blame her, not likely for the human ear to hear that faint heart beat that was still going. Of course it was slowing down with each second but it was still there. Not like she could’ve done anything anyways it was too late, unless she would’ve used that magic mojo of hers. Guess we’ll never know.

Now I could just let the girl slip away which in turn would make Red all sad which would lead Buffy down the same trail. Would hate to see the slayer like that. ‘sides I would do anything to make her happy, anything to prove to her that I love her. Now her loving me on the other hand would be hard. Says I’m just some soulless monster that I can’t love but I know what love is. Always has, even the Judge said Dru and I reeked of humanity. What can I say, I’m love’s bitch, always have been and always will. Of course though Angel got with her, not that I didn’t get with her, I got with her all right but not in the way I mean. Soulboy only got her because he had a soul, not that he even bloody asked for the soul. If it would’ve been Angelus then he would’ve ripped her throat out, actually probably would’ve only played games with her, never did kill a slayer himself. Me on the other hand I loved her without having a soul and as much as I like to blame it on that bleedin’ chip it can’t be. Dru saw the slayer dancing in my head as she so like’s to say before I got that bloody chip shoved up my brain.

If I save the girl I’ll make her happy. Problem is, only one way to save the girl. As I see it the girl didn’t have an ounce of evil up in her, as long as we watched her at first we could make her good. Don’t think there’s anyone she wants to get revenge on either so all will be good and the slayer will see how much I care.

Girl was already bloodless so we can skip the whole drinking from her part, not that I wouldn’t mind taking a taste but the whole shock though the body thing really isn’t too appealing right now.

I brought my wrist up to my mouth and allowing my fangs to piece though the skin until some blood started to emerge. I then held my wrist over her mouth and allowed the blood to drip upon her lips and finally a few drops started to make their way into her mouth. Wouldn’t be too long until she would start to rise and drink on her own.
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