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chipped Spike

chipped Spike

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The whole damn bloody world is turning upsidedown as things begin to change. Starting to realize that she will NEVER love me. No matter what I do. I mean its pointless..But can't a man dream? I supose to her I will always just be some monster...just some bloody monster. I just don't know what to do anymore I drink until I can't drink anymore each night, trying to get her out of my bloody head. BUt that doesn't help, no not at all. I feel as if I am lost...like I don't belong which I don't. I mean come on look at me, how pathetic am I. A vampire with a bloody chip in his head..I mean WhAT THE BLOODY 'ELL IS THAT.

Guhh I can't bloody stand the slayer and her little scoobies. Who does she think she is, just becuase she's the vampire slayer she thinks she has the right to walk right over everyone. Ha I'll show her.

I lift my pale white hands to my forehead as I hold them there for a second.

If only it wasn't for this bloody chip. But if I didn't have the chip would I really kill the slayer?

Well, of course I would. Ha, its becuase of this bloody chip that I even like the slayer. Yep, thats right, William the bloody would have NEVER fallen for the slayer if it wasn't for this chip.
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