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Post for flowers n cages

Post for flowers n cages

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[THis is a community were Tara is turned into a vampire and soon Buffy will be a vampire and Angel will lose his soul making Tara, Spike, Angelus and Buffy the new fanged four]

I looked over the girl as Tara rambled on about how sweet and pure the girl was. I could tell she was having a ball with her new senses. Every new vampire was like that. Sooner or later she’ll get over it.

And of course leave it up to the newly born vampires to lose their prey. They are always so irresponsible. Of course I as the sire have to step in. I stretch my arm out and catch her in her tracks. “Where’d you think you were going luv?” I tilt my head to the side as I look at the girl. “So fragile” I run my icy digits along her face. I must admit Tara did good. Some fledglings were stupid enough to bring back their sire any bloody human they came across. Thought they were all big and bad and that would impress their sire. No she wasn’t like them. She actually had taste in what she brought to me.

Tara starts to trail in on us, locking in the girl between us. Then she looked to me. She was waiting for my instructions. It was about bloody time the girl started to show respect. “Go on kitten”
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