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lost in thought
It wasn’t like I didn’t want to see the girl anymore, it was that I couldn’t. Went though hell and back again for her, did all I could to get the bloody soul and she still turned me down. Still I wasn’t going to up and leave her side, I stayed there and waited for her to hopefully change her mind or well make it up for that matter. Never did know what she wanted, guess that’s how it would always be with her. But then at the end something was different, she told me she loved me. Could go and believe that but how could I? I knew she was just saying that to give me one last thrill before I went out which I appreciate her for doing that.

But what if she did mean it? Then what? I was just the biggest fool in the world for not believing her then, not like it’d make a difference now. She was done with me with us, she moved on to someone that well seems like everyone in Rome is in aw with. The bloody Immortal, still couldn’t believe those words when I heard it. Buffy Summers, my Buffy with him. Oh no, could never be with me because I was a vampire and oh wait Angel was a vampire to but he had a soul. So I get the soul and still no good but somehow, just somehow the Immortal is good enough for her. What has this world coming to.

Glad I didn’t just up and leave LA to go running after her. Would’ve been in a whole world of disappointment. That was part of the reason I didn’t leave I guess, knew that I only had those last words of hers. Which even though I didn’t believe them to be true, I still had them. Made me feel better bout myself. Besides I could rub them into Angel, have to love that look on his face when I told him that she said that. If I would’ve found her she couldn’t taken those words back and told me she moved on. Which now I know she would’ve since she had the Immortal.

Guess things worked out for the best. If I wasn’t round then who knows how that final battle would’ve turned out. Yea, saved the day once again. Guess that’s the way the world works for us champions if you even want to call us that. Time in and time out we risk our lives to save the world for everyone else. Do we ever get a rest of a break? Doesn’t bloody well seem like it. Even when we do die for the world we don’t get a break. I just wanted to rest in peace but there was other plans for me.

Now that all that in LA is over and done with, I don’t know what to do with myself. Had Illyria try to follow me round for a bit but I finally got Angel and Gunn to take her. Basically with the promise I won’t continue to bug the hell out of Angel. Course he didn’t know I was really going to find Buffy, not that was my first plan anyways. I mean sure I wanted to but figured it would be pointless. Then again I don’t really fancy her being to happy with the Immortal, something just doesn’t sit right there. So I figure I’ll just head on by and well watch, just see how happy she really is with him. Nothing can go wrong with that right?

Been trying to track her down for the past few days which let me tell you, she’s not the easiest girl to track down. Used to be, but that was in a small town with only one slayer. But then I caught her scent and saw her. She was just walking though the park, surprised she was alone and not with her big hunk of clad Immortal.

I take a few steps to get a better look at her. Still looked beautiful as ever, course I wasn’t getting that good of a view but still I could see her enough. Though I couldn’t see her enough, I wanted to get closer to her. As close as I could mind you.

I take a few more steps but that’s when I heard it, the huge cracking sound under my boots. “Bloody hell” I mumble and move a bit behind a tree hoping she didn’t hear it.
  • Hi! I just got your message in email about rps and decided to check your LJ out.
    Omg, love your layout and...nice Spike post! Do you mind rping Spike/original
    character or non-cannon ship? I got your email but I dont think I know you,
    and if I do what other names do you go by? Will be checking your other
  • just letting you know the RPG 13, is starting around noon PST today. That's about the time I'll be putting up the first post
  • Interested in another game?

    sd_reunion and xthe_dark_agesx could use your Spike!

    Let me know!
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